Montana Mex

I am one of the co-founders of Montana Mex food brand.  We make happy food to help you eat well and keep smiling!

When we started this brand we couldn't find any 'good for you' Mexican inspired condiments, so we created a range of seasonings, sauces and an avocado oil that are all chemical free with nothing that mom would disapprove of.

Montana Mex is gradually becoming a national food brand and can be found in WholeFoods, Sprouts, HEB, Giant Eagle and more!  Find out all the details at

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We made a delightful little seasoning trio for your cooking and garnishing needs!  Fancy something with a bit of heat, grab the Jalapeno seasoning, need to add a savory deliciousness look no further than the mild chile seasoning, and if your sweet tooth is shouting out for some attention just grab the sweet seasoning!

Here's the low down...

MILD RED CHILE SEASONING -  a delicious little seasoning with a perfect balance of red chiles and sea salt... that add a smokey sweet mild red chile flavor to everything from your soups, stews, eggs and even to your salads.

SWEET SEASONING - the combination of sweetness and salty makes just about any dish interesting... from a quick sprinkle on your hot oatmeal in the morning, to a sticky sweet glaze for your chicken wings and ribs, this seasoning goes from breakfast to dinner to dessert effortlessly.

JALAPEÑO SEASONING - this is a hot little seasoning that will add some zing to your zang, some heat to your meat and quite simply some spice to your life. Use liberally over eggs, meats, salads, stews, salsas... use on anything that needs a jump start of flavor and whenever you want to spice things up, especially on a first date :)

seasoning deliciousness

seasoning deliciousness

english teatime with sweet seasoning

english teatime with sweet seasoning


To be honest with you the ketchup is my all out favorite, but here is the little blurb I wrote for the Montana Mex website so you can make up your own mind :)

THE KETCHUP - you've seen it all before right? but just like dating, when it really gets down to it, what matters is on the inside... once you pop the top off our ketchup you will find a toe tapping, foot stomping kind of deliciousness...

THE BBQ -  our BBQ sauce is tall, dark and handsome, too good to be true? well today's your lucky day... so give us one chance - think of a familiar smokey BBQ base but take it somewhere new with a pineapple chipotle combo and just enough kick to make a punching bag jealous... it'll be your co-pilot to delicious town - fallen for it yet?

THE HABANERO - relax and pat yourself on the back, good job, you've found your go to sweet and spicy sauce - it's the beast that will keep you smiling through breakfast, lunch and dinner! use it just as you would a ketchup on EVERYTHING that touches those lovely lips...

ketchup, BBQ and Habanero sauce deliciousness
montana mex ketchup saucing up british fish & chips

Avocado Oil

Cooking is not my jam... but that is why I love being part of this brand because these products genuinely make cooking easier! Our avocado oil is 100% natural, cold pressed and extra virgin with omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids... oh and it's non-gmo verified and kosher certified! it's also absolutely delicious and amazing to use for all of your cooking oil needs!  in case you need a bit more info on the 'cold pressed' nature of our avocado oil, this simply means that all the goodness is still inside, it's never treated and never heated meaning that all of the avocados are simply handpicked, mashed and then pressed to give you nutrient rich avocado oil, simple.

homemade doughnuts with avocado oil - that makes them healthy? right?!?!?
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