My Story

I'm an English girl living in Montana... I love creativity, tea, science, comedy, dancing, cats, board sports, anything that involves getting in water, making things, oh and cake, I love cake.

In the Land of Big Projects

Over the last few years I have worked with awesome people to create a national food brand, Montana Mex, released the award winning feature film, Charged, and created a short form cooking series, Hungry Life.  

In the Land of Smaller Projects

Over the last few years I have written, co-directed and acted in comedy skits, made a short film, written five feature length scripts, performed stand up comedy, learned to ride a one-wheel, baked cakes frequently and I am currently trying to turn an old VW beetle into my kitchen island.

Moving Ahead

I would love my smaller projects to become my main projects… my main aim in life is to make people laugh through positive comedy in any way, shape or form.  There are two things at the top of my creative list - film "Roleplay", a feature length romantic comedy and perform lots of stand up comedy!  

I am crazy fortunate to have amazing friends, family, colleagues and cats in my life who help me out with all of my projects, without them I could simply not do it.  Not only are these wonderful humans kind they are also incredibly talented and this epic mix is something I absolutely cherish.  I also miss England immensely when I am in Montana, partly because half of my awesome people are over there, and also because the chocolate back home is unequalled, so I will be back in the motherland a lot more in the future :)

So there's the quick recap… I am also slowly, but surely, writing out my memories in my blog so if you fancy a more in-depth dive you can find all the info there!  Or check out all of the projects on my homepage!

Thanks so much for visiting my site and reach out if you have any queries, questions, comments and all that good stuff 🙂

Big hugs and love, Jen oxo