Random Creativity

I literally love making things.


Sports Bras

The 'Sports Bra' project is a work in progress!  Let's face it, 'Sports bras' are pretty dull, functional for sure but not really exciting... well, I wanted to make a series of sports bras, maybe even make a sports bra calendar, that are unique and have been made from sporting equipment.  

I am hoping to do this as an art series to raise money for breast cancer research, it is a true passion project and I look forward to finally getting it done.  Indeed, maybe I just need to open up the arena and invite other people to make the bras with me so that I can finally complete the project and start raising money :)

Message me if you're interested to help out! oxo


The first paper floor I created out of necessity, to find out all the juicy details you can read an article from Inc Magazine HERE

I initially made the floor as a temporary solution, but after years of it being down it still looks great, sure it has a few little dings here but they blend into all of the magazines and actually just gives it more character.  I then decided to do another paper floor but this time my brother and I listed out hundreds of our favorite quotes, formatted them and then I made the floor with a selection of funny, provocative, motivating and inspiring quotes, a quote for everyone :)

In the photo where I am knelt down, I'm sat next to one of my favorite quotes... 'work out what you want and fucking go for it' - how true!

The floors were very affordable to make, as I only needed magazines, glue and polyurethane - but, they were very time consuming... although all art tends to be time consuming :) 

Oh, and did I mention that these floors are great to dance on, especially in socks, you have dance moves galore!

Below is a step-by-step tutorial of how to make it :)

OneWheel Marriage

When my husband, John Sweeney, and I got married we attached the classic cans to our OneWheels :) Here is a littler video we filmed!

Teatime in Montana

A little Montana Teatime Adventure :)